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The Heavy Haulers 3 Week Program


Heavy Haulers offers a fantastic Undercover & Self-paced Group Exercise Program that involves so much more than just exercise!


Our program is run in a hugely supportive exercise environment with trainers that take care & pride in looking after each individual in the program, and where there are no ego's!  Anyone & Every one of all ages and abilities are welcome to join, and due to its low impact and highly structured program design, it is totally BODY FRIENDLY.


In each & every session, each member has their own piece of equipment setup, and the the aim is to simply improve on your OWN numbers effort to effort, round to round and session to session during the 3 week program as captured on your very own scoresheet that you fill in at the each of each work interval.


YOU will never be matched with anyone with different abilities, meaning YOU can get true feedback about YOUR personal improvement, and get the most appropriate exercise session based on YOUR fitness and the personal improvements YOU are aiming for.


As part of each program you also have option to get your Before and After measurements taken so we can provide you with great feedback as to how your body has changed as a result of the exercise, nutrition & lifestyle changes you have made whilst in the program.


As a member you also have your very own private members area where you can see your session results, and measurements along with loads of great articles on Health & Fitness to help keep you informed and MOTIVATED!


This really is like a high quality PERSONAL TRAINING session in a group environment. HAULERS ROCKS!


Since 2007 we have helped over 8000 people across Melbourne Get Lean, Get Strong and Get Motivated and we would LOVE to help YOU achieve the same by joining us in a 3 week program in one of our great locations


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