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$30,000 target SMASHED on Good Friday 18th April and 825,689 meters hauled for the kids!


Based on the success of our first 'Haul for a Cause' event in 2013 which raised $50,000 for the Good Friday Appeal, the Good Friday Appeal committee invited us to run our 2014 event at their new home at the Melbourne Exhibition and Convention Centre!


We set our target to raise $30,000 (up from $20,000 in 2013) and im happy to say that we exceeded our target and are now sitting on about $44,000 raised and growing!


It is so rewarding to give back and be a part of this fantastic appeal, and to bring both the Haulers, and broader community together. 


  • We ended up having 450 people enrol into one or more of the 12 'Haul' sessions (up from 340 in 2013) run on the day
  • The Cumulative distance covered throughout the day was a whopping 875,689 meters (up from 527,297m)
  • We raised nearly $14,000.00 from our Silent Auction (up from $6,000.00 in 2013), and;
  • We still have cheques to clear and tins to be counted too, and are really hoping to get as close to $50,000 as possible!


We are hoping our final tally will be up on our fundraising page mid May 2014 if not sooner so stay tunes and tune into our fundraising page to watch it grow







We had so much great support from all those in our haulers community, friends and family, local business's, sports clubs and thanks for a huge effort from the great volunteers on the day! 


Also, thank you to all the participants who put their bodies through each session in an effort to raise funds for the kids.


BIG RESPECT goes out to all those who participated and slogged it out in the 'Haul for a Cause MARATHON' to try and raise even more sponsorship dollars for the cause with extra special mention to the 6 haulers who completed ALL 12 sessions back to back to really try and make an impact. Hats off to Ang Slater, Irene Elefteriadis, Trent Shaw, Bronson and Beck Wrigglesworth and of the course, the big Robbie Spark. This will be an achievment that wont be forgotten!


Thanks also to all those family, friends and employers who sponsored participants to Haul for a Cause.




Volunteers in no particular order - These guys and gals helped make this event happen on the day! - THANK YOU!


Jessica Manakis, Kaye and Geoff Abbott, Steve and Robyn Manakis, Judi and Ian Barr, Theo Salmas, Shannon Zampaglione, Linda Magennis, Steve and Linda Raptopoulos, Gabi Benke and Lachlan Pierce, Lina and Alessandra Saladino, Katie Raptopoulos and Sonia Gagliardi, Julia Holda, Leanne Cremin, Ash Gorman, Janine Vienet, Robyn Dods, Remi Krawiec, Frank Galati, Mel Sudero and Riley Wolff, Areti Ioannou, Steph Brodie and Jane Sowesby, Evan Johnson, Gabi LoCastro and Dani LoCastro


An Extra special mention and thanks goes out to Emma Povey who ran Registration the entire day and to Jimmy Varvaris and George Vlahos for their lengthy stay and huge support


An EXTRA humougous special thanks goes to Jessica Manakis (soon to be Abbott) who worked tirelessly in the month leading up to the event processing auction items and enrolling people. No small task!



More Special Mentions:


Thanks to Steve Manakis for filling 7 tins from our impromptu lucky dip, and to Robyn Manakis for running the Silent Auction the whole day. Thanks to Kaye and Geoff Abbott for staying the entire day and being the most supportive people and expert Crowd Pullers!

Thanks to Shannon Zampaglione and Gabi Benke for staying the entire day and being the eyes and ears of the event

A huge thanks to Theo Salmas, Shannon Zampaglione, Jessica Manakis, Gabi Benke and Robyn Manakis for setting it all up the day before, and thanks to Craig Cowley, Steve Raptopoulos, Doug Boudry, Jimmy Varvaris, Katie Raptopoulos, Joshi Raptopoulos, Riley Wolff and Terri Grant for helping us pack down.

Another special mention goes out to Daniel Dzanovski and Yeorgos Zgourakis for doing a session in their 80's rock band playing outfits!



Photographers and Videographers who captured our event perfectly! - THANK YOU


Mel Sudero, Riley Wolff, George Vlahos, Remi Krawiec and Frank Galati. You all took great images and footage. If anyone else has images for us to upload, please email me at   



Major supporters and contributors to the event - please see on the panels to the right of the screen - These sponsors were generous enough to donate thousands  to the Haul for a Cause event!  - THANK YOU!


A special shout out to Gregg, Rob and Lauren at Goodyear for picking up the tab for our great branded volunteer vests

To Dean Papa, Mr sugar man for supplying 11 kilo's of lollies for those participating in the event

To Tanya, Vince, Pat, Stefanie, Linda Lamanna from Lamanna Direct for supplying 400 bananas to those participating

To Peter Rallis at GNC Doncaster for supplying Endura Gels and supplements for the 6 courageous people who did all 12 sessions!



Local Business's that donated goods, services, hampers, vouchers - These generous donations to the running of the day and to our silent auction helped is raise nearly $14,000 for the kids!  - THANK YOU very much! Here was the Auction Item List including those who donated them:


LOT 1 – Peter Alexander Kids Hamper

LOT 2 – Bissett Publishing Hamper 1

LOT 3 – Westfield Voucher and Valet Parking

LOT 4 – Siss&Co Hamper

LOT 5 – FACTORIE clothing fashion voucher

LOT 6 – Heavy Haulers Program Voucher

LOT 7 – KAWSA Hair Hamper

LOT 8 – The Eastern Golf Club Yering Gorge Cottages Stay

LOT 9 – Handmade Mosaic

LOT 10 – Santuccis Café Voucher

LOT 11 – La Premiere Tickets

LOT 12 – Dominant Music Hamper

LOT 13 – Lattouf Richmond Voucher female shampoo, cut and blow wave

LOT 14 – Telstra T-Box 1

LOT 15 – Peter Alexander Women’s Hamper

LOT 16 – Forever Dance Voucher

LOT 17 – Provincial Meats Voucher

LOT 18 – Heavy Haulers Program Voucher

LOT 19 – Harvey World Travel Luggage Small

LOT 20 – Harvey World Travel Luggage Medium

LOT 21 – Harvey World Travel Luggage Large

LOT 22 – Down to Earth Tree Care & Surgery

LOT 23 – Peter Alexander Men’s Hamper

LOT 24 – Lattouf Richmond Voucher Men’s shampoo and cut

LOT 25 – Sanctum Beauty Hamper

LOT 26 – Forever Dance Voucher

LOT 27 – Ricoh Multi-Function Laser Colour Printer

LOT 28 – Vative Inspire Leadership Program

LOT 29 – Vative Lift Strategy Coaching Session

LOT 30 – Gracie Jiu Jitsu Templestowe 4 weeks training

LOT 31 – Telstra T-Box

LOT 32 – SOAP Carwash Greensborough Voucher

LOT 33 – Top Gear Cycles Kids Unisex Bike

LOT 34 – MiiMaa Beauty Makeup Pack

LOT 35 – Core Metrics Hamper

LOT 36 – Heavy Haulers Program Voucher

LOT 37 – 38Chairs Italian Restaurant Voucher South Yarra

LOT 38 – Westfield Voucher and Valet Parking

LOT 39 – Mediterranean Bar & Grill Voucher Port Melb.

LOT 40 – Chemist Warehouse Hamper

LOT 41 – Telstra Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 new edn.

LOT 42 – Escape Travel Holiday Voucher

LOT 43 – Luxury Getaway Apollo Bay 2 nights

LOT 44 – RG Limousines Voucher 1hour hire 6 Seater Limo

LOT 45 – Gracie Jiu Jitsu Templestowe private lessons

LOT 46 – Lattouf Richmond Colour and Blow wave

LOT 47 – Zagame Hotels/Restaurants Voucher 1

LOT 48 – Salumeria Italiana Café Voucher Templestowe

LOT 49 – Pure Italian Café Balwyn Voucher

LOT 50 – FitRoom PT Studio Templestowe 4 week program

LOT 51 – Lockwood Keyless Digital Dead latch

LOT 52 – ABUS Sportscam Full HD Set

LOT 53 – Hawthorn Football Club Signed 2014 Poster Lithograph

LOT 54 – 38Chairs Italian Restaurant Voucher South Yarra

LOT 55 – Liven It Up Landscape Voucher

LOT 56 – SOAP Carwash Greensborough Voucher 2

LOT 57 – Lattouf Richmond Female Shampoo, Treatment & Blow Wave

LOT 58 – Mr Sugar Man Easter Hamper

LOT 59 – MenzMode Voucher

LOT 60 – Gourmet Living Templestowe Cooking Class/Goods

LOT 61 – Zagame Hotels/Restaurants Voucher 2

LOT 62 – Lily Pily Origami Hand Stamped Greeting Cards

LOT 63 – Apra Productions – Comedy Show Table of 10

LOT 64 – SALTS of the Earth Malvern Hamper

LOT 65 – Mr Wolf – Le Toy Van for Girls

LOT 66 – GNC Hamper

LOT 67 – Mali Hair Spa Richmond Makeover Pack

LOT 68 – Pepperjack Shiraz 2012 6pack

LOT 69 – Chocolate Lily Hair & Beauty Voucher Epping

LOT 70 – SOAP Carwash Greensborough Voucher 3

LOT 71 – Café Macchiato Templestowe Voucher

LOT 72 – Provincial Meats Voucher

LOT 73 – Cupcakes by Bec Voucher

LOT 74 – Preggi Bellies DVD and Ball Pack

LOT 75 – Bissett Publishing Hamper

LOT 76 – Lululemon Yoga Kit and Classes

LOT 77 – Mondo Music Brunswick Voucher

LOT 78 – BARRY Café Northcote Voucher

LOT 79 – SOAP Carwash Greensborough Voucher 4

LOT 80 – Luella Women’s Fashion Richmond Voucher

LOT 81 – Living Room Restaurant Voucher Templestowe

LOT 82 –Tom Ford Sunglasses from Bella Vista Eyewear

LOT 83 – Pole Princess Reservoir Voucher

LOT 84 – NMIT Preston Fitness Centre 6 month Membership

LOT 85 – BJ’s Bar Centrale Sports Bar Carlton

LOT 86 – IL Gambero Restaurant Voucher Carlton

LOT 87 – Liven It Up Landscape Voucher

LOT 88 – CrossFit Blackburn 1 month voucher

LOT 89 – ELounge Restaurant Abbotsford Voucher

LOT 90 – Farm Vigano Restaurant South Morang Voucher

LOT 91 – Living Room Restaurant Voucher Templestowe

LOT 92 – Genesis Doncaster 3 month Gym Membership

LOT 93 - RG Limousines Voucher 2hour hire 6 Seater Limo

LOT 94 – Lockwood/Holden 2xHats and Shirt

LOT 95 - FACTORIE clothing fashion voucher

LOT 96 – Fuji Xerox Multi-Function Printer

LOT 97 – The Eastern Golf Club Round of Golf

LOT 98 - Clover and Rye Restaurant Voucher Richmond

LOT 99 – Wizzer and Whyte Jewellery

LOT 100 – Coffee and Goodies Hamper

LOT 101- Amalgamated Stone Coffee Table

LOT 102 – Definition Doncaster 12 Month Gym Membership

LOT 103 – POWERSTRYDE’S World Tour 17th May 5*tickets

LOT 104 – VASKO Restaurant Voucher Ivanhoe

LOT 105 – Turbo Charge Tub - Performance & Recovery

LOT 106 – Turbo Charge Tub – Body Boost

LOT 107 – Living Room Restaurant Voucher Templestowe

LOT 108 - Clover and Rye Restaurant Voucher Richmond

LOT 109 – Cohesion Gym 12 Week Program in Richmond

LOT 110 – Cohesion Gym 12 Week Program in Richmond

LOT 111 – The Burger Lounge Voucher Eltham

LOT 112 – Moka Pot Café Voucher North Balwyn

 LOT 113 – 12 Bottles of Assorted Wine - from Moka Pot Cafe, North Balwyn 



Sorry if I have forgotten anyone, but let me know and ill update


What a massive effort and we cant thank you enough in helping us meet and exceed our target!


Please stay tuned as we bring you all the video's of the day, but in the meantime, please check out our great photo galleries by going to 


Lets get ready for 2015!!






Event Entry Fee: $25.00 entry fee per session to each person wishing to participate, you are welcome
to enroll into more than one session