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Catherine Wise - Heavy Hitters
Etihad Stadium - Founding Member of Heavy Hitters and the 5-10-15 Fat Loss Program


Since joining Heavy Hitters and taking part in the 5-10-15 Challenge in 2015, I have transformed my health and my attitude to exercise. Prior to the Challenge, Craig provided a thorough walkthrough of what to expect and how to get the most from the program, with comprehensive coaching for the food plans and customised advice on training to suit my needs.


There was constant support throughout the 5 weeks, and when it was over, I was amazed at the results – in the 5 week period alone I achieved a body fat loss of 17.5%, loads of centimetres around my waist, hips, shoulders, arms, legs and a weight loss of over 8kg! I have continued with the training and healthy eating habits developed during the Challenge with brilliant results. Overall, since starting Heavy Hitters, I have reduced my body fat percentage by nearly 50% have lost a dramatic amount of weight, and I have achieved massive reductions in my measurements. I look forward to each training session – the nature of the programs designed by Heavy Hitters mean that you are never bored! The trainers provide great motivation during training and the 5 week cycles make it very achievable to work hard and improve your numbers session by session.


There is a great group of people training at Etihad and it is a pleasure to be a part of it. Thank you to the Hitters crew for showing me how to live a healthy lifestyle, and introducing me to a wonderful training program that works. I highly recommend the program to anyone wanting a self-paced exercise program that delivers results, and if you want to improve your health and wellbeing, you won’t regret it! 

Natalie Vandersluys - Heavy Haulers
A New 5.30am Regular at The Pines venue

HH is revolutionary! I love that you don't have to hike to a gym to be ignored and to have to watch macho guys perving on themselves in the mirror.

We are all on our own journeys and I love that we see an instructor twice a session as a minimum. It is so motivating! Thanks for changing my life

Lydia Morelli - Heavy Haulers
Doncaster Hauler

12 weeks ago I embarked on a program with Heavy Haulers that changed not only my appearance, but also my life.

Whilst I've always been happy - I am blessed with a wonderful husband and two precious children, I lacked motivation and ambition on a very personal level. 

I am 33 years old and for the last five years, my own needs have been put on hold while I have devoted myself to the needs of my family. Don't get me wrong here, I love being a mummy,  but catering to the needs (and wants) of two kids 4 years old and 18 months can be exhausting. And like many mums out there, I neglected myself. I felt tired, flat, fat and aimless.

Every day was the same and whilst I was happy, I was uninspired. And, I was full of excuses! The final straw came when, at a wedding, two people asked me if I was pregnant... I wasn't.

Fast forward 12 weeks... I have lost just under 12kgs, am down 47% on my sum of four sites and am the leanest I have been, EVER!! Even before having kids! My skin is glowing, my old clothes fit and I no longer fear change room 3-way mirrors.

But most importantly, I am healthy, fit, confident and motivated. This  past 12 weeks have required  total comittment, but with the support of Craig, Jessica and all of my Heavy Haulers family (yes, it is just like being with family) the journey was not so daunting. I have had so much encouragement from trainers and trainees alike and made wonderful friends along the way.

This has truly  been an experience that has given me a new lease on life, and I am very grateful. The final results have shocked me! I am ecstatic and so proud of my achievements! Hauler for Life! 

Geoff Abbott - 4-12-16 for Fat Loss!
Pines and Doncaster Hauler

I’d like to share the experience doing the Heavy Haulers 10-20-30 Fat Loss Challenge from July to September 2014.


I’ve achieved great results in the 10 week program, due to a number of factors :

-    Induction night gave insights into diet and exercise; and provided a practical framework to guide me through the Program

-    I used the recommended Meal Plan approach, which gave choices, meal by meal; and day by day; with log sheets to help prepare meals ahead and to change meals as I progressed and neared my goals

-    There was an increase to the exercise regime, with a balance of high intensity exercises (the normal Hauler program) with low intensity exercises every other day (walking); with exercises during the normal 1 week break.

-    Regular catch ups with Craig and Jess for measurements, monitoring progress and the ever present advice and guidance.

-    Great interactions and sharing experiences with fellow Challengers

-    Motivation by Trainers to do your best, using strict form


My takeaways :

-    Since January 2014 I’ve dropped 16.5cms off my waist (8cms since the 14th July start of the 10-20-30 Fat Loss Challenge); weight reduction of 20kg (8 kgs since 14th July and, importantly, a fat loss of 44.6% (16% since 14th July)

-    By eating smaller portions of healthier food, the fat loss went on in the background

-    After the first day or so, I wasn’t hungry

-    I stuck to the food plan, with minor variation on my birthday, Fathers Day and a family celebration

-    The way of eating has now become a natural, normal part of life;

-    I have energy to cope with 5 Haulers sessions a week, plus walking

-    I continue to improve on my times at sessions

-    The motivation from the Trainers has been awesome – they all took an interest

-    My most recent Blood Pressure result was 118/78 – my Doctor took it twice given my December 2013 reading was ugly. Awesome improvement!!


I felt very inspired by my fellow Challengers :

-    Their recipes, menus and photos on FaceBook

-    Their achievements and significant shape changing

-    Their ongoing encouragement


I’m doing the September 2014 10-20-300 Fat Loss Challenge to maintain the healthy eating and lifestyle; to tap into great advice; and the exercise program with its fat loss focus, discipline and support.


Thanks Craig and Jess and your Hauler community of Trainers and motivators.



Aged 67

Pamela Prokos - Heavy Haulers
Dedicated Doncaster Hauler

Heavy Haulers has been an amazing transformation for fitness, health, and well being. A unique method of training, with consistent feedback in your progress, and always new challenging training techniques. I'm addicted, an a hauler for life!

Brad Aisbett - Heavy Haulers
Chadstone Haulers for since 2010

"Heavy Haulers Australia is a highly-valued practicum partner for the School of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences at Deakin University. 


Since 2010, Heavy Haulers have provided 15 final-year students with hands-on experience delivering group exercise programs for the general population. 


Six of these students have secured ongoing employment with Heavy Haulers after their graduation.  Under the supervision of Heavy Haulers staff, Deakin University students have honed their exercise science knowledge and developed high-level interpersonal skills to engage clientele.


The Haulers program has accelerated Deakin students' paths towards meaningful employment in the sport, exercise, and health industries."

Angela Slater and Remi Kraweic - 4-12-16 for Fat Loss!
Greensborough Plaza 10-20-30 challengers - July 2014

"Almost 10 weeks ago we took a pledge with a group of eager participants for the first Haulers 10/20/30 Challenge. For myself & my partner, we had one main goal-to change our habits and for the long term.


Day by day was how we approached it, doing our meal plans, preparing for the week ahead & making small realistic changes along the way. It was really important that we still enjoyed food!, had our small indulgences every now & again if we wanted, yet remain focused & committed to making the changes. It was a challenge in itself to find that balance, but we knew it would be for the better!

Between the two of us we've managed to shed 24kgs, 59% body fat & a centimetre or two, but the sweetest of rewards is the invaluable lessons we've learned & the change in our mindset.

To the entire Hauler family-thank you so very much, because without your support, motivation & inspiration, it would be damn hard to get out of bed at 5am & keep going!!"

Kim Landouris - Heavy Haulers
5 years later and still loving it!

The Heavy Haulers program has genuinely changed my life.  Bad habits, ways of thinking, along with eating disorders ruled my life for 15 years before I found this program and the people who run it.


At my lowest weight of 42kg, I couldn’t even lie or sit on a hard surface as my bones would dig into my skin and yet, to me, I looked terribly overweight.  I was forced to undergo counseling and therapy, but in the years following, my weight went up and down but not once was I truly happy with how I looked and I never felt in control of my body.


After having my son and then fertility treatment I had gained more weight than I could stand and yet nothing I did seemed to work.  I would get extremely upset and refuse to go out because I was embarrassed by how I looked.


I had tried diets, meal replacements, exercises and gyms and was really discouraged when trainers in these gyms seemed so disinterested in my goals and what I wanted to achieve.  I’ve even had one personal trainer tell me I was doing “ok” but “still had a way to go yet”. 


After moving back to East Doncaster in 2008, my husband brought me home the phone number of Craig Abbott and told me about a program called Heavy Haulers!  After speaking to Craig (and being a little horrified by the fact I would need to jump out of bed at 5am!) I was determined to give it a go.  Although very anxious before that first session it was only a matter of weeks before I became totally addicted to this program. 


No councilor or therapy session has ever given me control of my body back or given me this kind of support; nothing else has made me feel as strong, motivated and part of something awesome!  At 37 years I’m doing things I never would have done at 27.  There is no way 5 years ago that I would have even dreamed of taking on Tough Mudder – yet on April 1 last year, I was there at the start line and a few hours later, crossed the finish line!  This would never have been possible without Heavy Haulers.


Craig’s knowledge and passion for Heavy Haulers is amazing and his enthusiasm is infectious.  Every trainer I have ever worked with at Haulers has treated me as a friend – greeted with big smiles no matter what the time or weather!  All their support and encouragement can have such a huge impact on someone’s life and way of thinking.


I feel blessed to have found Haulers and the people within it.  I have made some wonderful friends over my years there and for the first time since I was a little girl I am finally at peace with what I see in the mirror.


Robyn Dods - 4-12-16 for Fat Loss!
Doncaster 6.00pm Hauler


For those of you that have been following my progress in the Heavy Haulers 10/20/30 challenge I wanted to update you on my results. I completed my 10 week challenge yesterday and had final measurements.
weight loss 7.7 kg
27.67% reduction in body  fat
7cm reduction in both waist and navel girth
6cm off hips, plus reductions in other areas as well. 
A huge thanks to Jess, Craig, Shannon, Kyle and Steve who have kept me honest at training and to all of the Haulers Family for their encouragement and support. 
Thanks also to my family and friends who's words of support have encouraged me to keep going.  
I am feeling so much healthier and fitter and have so much more energy. What's more I have learned how to live a healthier lifestyle that is enjoyable and sustainable. My 10 week challenge may have finished but this is just the beginning of a better lifestyle. 
Thanks for putting up with me. Rob xxx

For those of you that have been following my progress in the Heavy Haulers 10/20/30 July 14th (2014) challenge I wanted to update you on my results. I completed my 10 week challenge yesterday and had final measurements.



weight loss 7.7 kg

27.67% reduction in body fat

7cm reduction in both waist and navel girth

6cm off hips, plus reductions in other areas as well. 


A huge thanks to Jess, Craig, Shannon, Kyle and Steve who have kept me honest at training and to all of the Haulers Family for their encouragement and support. Thanks also to my family and friends who's words of support have encouraged me to keep going.  I am feeling so much healthier and fitter and have so much more energy. What's more I have learned how to live a healthier lifestyle that is enjoyable and sustainable.


My 10 week challenge may have finished but this is just the beginning of a better lifestyle. Thanks for putting up with me. Rob xxx

Rosie Apelt - Heavy Haulers
Greensborough 6.00pm Hauler

I joined up to heavy haulers about a year ago and in that time not only have I found something that I love but something that has changed me as a person. 


I have noticed how much more leaner I have become since joining and can happily say I have dropped 14kg and 2 dress sizes. 


At the time I joined I was looking for something different and more challenging than gym classes, after my free trial I decided to give a full program a go and have not looked back since.


It gets addictive and everyone in the group as well as the trainers are almost like a second family.  I would highly recommend if you're looking for something fun and different that's going to get you results.


Geoff Abbott - Heavy Haulers
Founding Hauler participant who has not missed a program since Day 1 - He's 63 yrs of age

After 20 years in a very sedentary role (largely sitting in front of a computer, and with little other physical activity), I became obese, lethargic and had little flexibility or stamina. When the Blood Bank sent me away due to high blood pressure, I had to act.

 I thought the program would be too testing but going at my pace helped me fit in.  I got coaching from Trainers as needed during the sessions. Session leaders and Trainers are motivational and I got a buzz out of being part of a group of people going through the same experience.

 I’ve been a “Heavy Hauler” for 3 years and  the results are fantastic : I have energy and flexibility; I’m also 30kgs leaner, although that continues to be a work in progress.

Measurements after each 4-week program monitors the impacts of  my exercise work effort and eating practices on my goals. Feedback refines eating and exercising for the next program.

I achieved an 8kg reduction in the last 5 months including the celebrations through Christmas 2010 and the New Year with guidance from Hauler's Nutrition Coach Linda Magennis. 

Linda coached me in food values, portion sizes, daily intake balance, energy for Hauler days and calories, carbs and fats to avoid. She also shared great tactics when entertaining or eating out. 

With Haulers I enjoy the exercise variety, Trainer presence and help; and the enthusiasm is infectious and motivating.

I'm 63 and still getting PBs as I continue to get fitter, gain strength and stamina and get lighter. 

Blood pressure is now absolutely normal.

 I have regained my life.


Geoff, aged 63

January 2011

Paul Licuria - Heavy Haulers
Former Collingwood Star and all round good guy!

After playing football at the elite level for 13yrs, I have been exposed to many different forms of training. Heavy Haulers is like nothing I have experienced previously. It ticks all the boxes and is suitable for any body type, fitness level, age bracket or gender. I am proud to be involved in the Heavy Haulers program.

Kaye Abbott - Heavy Haulers
Founding Hauler participant who has trained since Day 1 - She's 63 yrs of age

At the age of 63, I have more energy, flexibility and I feel ready to tackle anything.

I became a founding member of Haulers 3 years ago and would not have believed the enormous satisfaction I have experienced during this time.

Results are measurable; the program is for all ages and fitness levels as you go at your own pace and you are really only competing with yourself.

There are several different types of programs to train in. Everyone has their favourites. I have tried most of them and love them all!

I recently had surgery and attribute my quick recovery to fitness and good health. I have just returned to the 2011 program and love the warm and friendly environment that the trainers have created. They helped to ease me back into the program by modifying exercises for me.

Whilst not training I wanted to keep weight off, so I worked with Linda Magennis the Nutrition Coach with Heavy Haulers. I lost 8.5 kg over 5 months and my fat loss was 46.25%. Linda's help was invaluable!

Apart from the weight and fat reductions, I am educated for life about food values, portion sizes and getting the right balance for everyday living.

The atmosphere is amazing. High fives, hugs and a sense of belonging are just some of the great feelings that are associated with people who all have a common goal of health, fitness and just a general feeling of well being.


I am a ‘Hauler for life'


Kaye, aged 63

January 2011

Katie Raptopoulos - Heavy Hitters
Katie has completed in excess of 30 programs of Haulers, Hitters and Chasers combined.

Heavy Hitters & Heavy Haulers have been the most motivational & energetic exercise programs that I have been involved in. It has also been a great social outlet, where like-minded people of all age groups & backgrounds have come together in a friendly environment. Previous exercise programs I was involved with were not very stimulating & were often intimidating & after a few months, I lost interest. But thanks to the easy-going, yet focussed & inspiring nature of Craig &  all of the Hitters/Haulers trainers, I have become addicted to exercise & have now been a member since they started in late 2007! 


Keep up the great work!

Andrew Kam - Heavy Hitters
Andrew is a chiropractor who trains in the Hitters program. He has seen some great benefits

Heavy Hitters gives you a full body workout that involves both cardio and strength. You work hard without even realising it, and at your own pace. The program is also heaps of fun. Craig's  knowledge, professionalism, and energy is second to none and makes your own personal goals and results more achievable. So if you, your family and friends want to get into great shape with energetic, professional, and friendly people, get involved in Heavy Hitters, you won't regret it. I recommend it to anyone and everyone!!