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P.R.P Personal Resilience Progression Workshop

DATE: 17th February 2018

TIME: 10:00AM

3 - 2 - 1Learn How to Manage Stress & Thrive

PRP’s highly effective 3-2-1 Program has been designed to help you become more RESILIENT in coping with stress and the pressures of life.


Whether you are after progression in your career, study, sport, relationship or family, resilience is the ability to cope with workload and the stress associated with it for you to continue to progress and ultimately thrive.


Developed by Dr David Buttifant who is regarded as Australia’s leading exercise scientist, and Craig Abbott the creator of the Heavy Haulers P.H.I.I.T Group Exercise Program, 3-2-1 is the newest measurable and progressive program focussing on building your resilience.





Our 3-2-1 program consist of the following 3 workshops which will help optimise your personal performance by incorporating an understanding of the importance of the relationship between physical and mental wellbeing in this Personalised program.


Workshop 1

3 hour workshop will include a pre-self assessment, education on what stress is and the how the interventions can mitigate it and a personalised 4 week program to help build resilience.

Saturday 17th February from 10am to 1pm


Workshop 2

2 Hour workshop will review your initial program and progress, how to self-regulate, and how to move forward.

Saturday 3rd March from 10am – 12pm


Workshop 3

In this last 1 hour workshop we will give you a post assessment which will include tools on how to move forward, sustain and ultimately develop further as a result of your interventions.

Saturday 17th March from 10am – 11am




This 6 Hour program costs $660 per person. For Heavy Haulers and Hitters members the cost is $595 and $495 when you refer a parent or child to the program.







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Please note, upon enrolling you will recieve a message saying that you are on a waiting list. A Haulers representative will re-enrol you and issue an invoice and program confirmation within 24 hours


If you have any questions or would like to process payment over the phone, please contact Craig on 0408 148 782 or (03) 9840 0073