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3-10-12 Fat Loss Program

3-10-12 Fat Loss Program

DATE: 23rd July 2018

--- 3 weeks - 10% fat loss - 12 sessions ---


Join our highly effective and potent Fat Loss challenge called the "3-10-12" which is a very focussed 3 weeks, involving a highly structured exercise and nutrition program aimed at achieving a 10% FAT loss, along with other huge health benefits and weight loss.


The 3-10-12 provides the perfect opportunity to really try and fast track both your fitness & your fat loss and to try and get in the best shape you have been in physically, mentally and health wise, and to be able to maintain it and CONTINUE to improve well beyond the 3 weeks.


The 3-10-12 is recommended for those committed and hungry to make a change, and we encourage you to join with a friend so you can get in the zone together, although as part of the challenge, we will be supplying all you need to really get the benefit and changes you are after, which makes it a highly valuable program.




This 3-10-12 challenge includes:


  • 12 Haulers sessions over 3 weeks (4 per week) – please scroll down to see how to get them in
  • 2 Body Fat Assessments > 1 Pre-program and 1 Post program
  • Comprehensive Exercise and Nutrition induction* with take home Kit
  • Nutrition Plan (covered in the induction)

INDUCTION OPTIONS for the 23rd July 2018 program are:


  • Saturday 21st July 2018 - 11.15am-11.50pm


*All inductions are held at our Westfield Doncaster Venue






  • The cost of the 3 week program consisting of 12 haulers sessions is $300.00 all-inclusive and represents tremendous value for money for the proven benefits 


  • For those who have already completed a fat loss program with us, the price for you is $260.00 all-inclusive. If you have completed a program, please email us at and we will adjust your rate before sending you the invoice





All you need to do to ENROL is;


  • Visit our timetables page to view the program times available from the 23rd July timetable program   
  • Make your selection and enrol online!
  • If you are having any problems, please Email us at or call us on (03) 9840 0073
  • Please only enrol if you are FULLY committed and are serious about wanting the results


Family and Friends are welcome to join also!




PROGRAM DETAILS (How to get your 12 sessions)


For those training MORNINGS:


  • You will do the typical 3 session per week program for 3 weeks. You can do your 4th session each week in any other timetabled timeslot at any venue, OR any casual session timetabled.
  • The only stipulation is you must select the times of your 4 extra sessions in advance so we know to expect you and can confirm room


For those training mainly EVENINGS:


  • To get your 12 sessions in, you will do the typical 2 session per week program for 3 weeks. You can do your 3rd session each week on the Friday morning, and your 4th session in any other timetabled timeslot at any venue, OR any casual session timetabled.
  • The only stipulation is you must select the times of your 4 extra sessions in advance so we know to expect you and can confirm room




If this is you, please email your interest to at and we can try and work something out! 


It may be that you cant get a 4th session in due to having to travel to doncaster, or work or family life doesnt permit. lets talk about a solution!





  • One FULL, Upfront payment prior to the program commencing is required to secure a spot in this awesome program.





  • By BPay by using the BPay payment details on invoice issued
  • We can also can take Credit Card details via internet banking or over the phone which is preferable. Please note that CC payment does incur a 1.65% transaction fee from the bank
  •  Payment can be made by Cash which can be given to your head trainer or assessor at measurements prior to the program commencement,





  • For those who reach their REWARDS milestones prior to, or within the program, discounts during the challenge can be applied and will apply to either 12 sessions if you are training in the morning, or 10 sessions if you are training in the evening
  • Our standard make-up policy applies in the event that you miss some of your sessions
  • Our standard refund policy also applies




  • Heavy Haulers provides a premium service to our customers, ensuring high quality programming, lots of great feedback and safe and secure undercover venues to train in. To assist us in delivering this premium service we ask that you are fully committed, and understand the terms, conditions and refund policy before enrolling, as;
  • Heavy Haulers has a strict NO REFUND policy and does not offer credits on missed sessions to be used in future programs or refunds for missed sessions.
  • Unfortunately NO REFUNDS are given if you change your mind after the program has started, however;
  • If you provide us with at least 72 hours’ notice prior to the program starting, we are happy to either refund you the full amount OR forward your payment as credit towards another program.






In order to get the full benefit, we want you to achieve 100% attendance in your designated timeslot, however;

  • If you miss a session in your designated timeslot, you will have the option to make up the missed sessions during the current program at any venue and any regular program timeslot (not casuals sorry) provided there is space available. If there is no room available then I will provide you with options
  • To book in a make-up session, please message CRAIG with as much notice as possible on 0408 148 782 to confirm which time and venue you’d like to do a make-up session in to make sure there is room available and so we know you are coming. I will respond with confirmation. Please do not message after 8.30pm at night about a make-up the next morning!
  • If you absolutely cannot get your make-up done, you are welcome to have a friend or family member do one or all of your missed sessions for you, however we do need to know in advance so we can ensure there is a spot available and also to prepare a card for them, and we also need to know their name and number so we can contact them with relevant session details
  • If you do not attend your make-up sessions within the current program, unfortunately they will not be forwarded as credits for future programs, so get them done and get the FULL benefit of the program!