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Double-Up to Program #100

Double-Up to Program #100

DATE: 28th August 2017

THE ‘DOUBLE-UP TO PROGRAM #100’ SPECIAL - 10,000 bonus points up for grabs! 


In the lead up to our 100th consecutive 4 week program since 2007, we will be offering those keen, the opportunity to do programs #99 and #100 back to back with a great discount and there is 10,000 bonus rewards points on offer for those who achieve 100% attendance!


THE DOUBLE-UP TO 100 involves joining the following 2 programs:

  • Program #99 - Aug 28th  - Achieve 100% Attendance and receive 3000 bonus REWARDS POINTS
  • Program #100 - Oct 2nd - Achieve 100% Attendance and receive 3000 bonus REWARDS POINTS

EXTRA BONUS – Achieve 100% Attendance across both programs and receive 4000 EXTRA bonus points!!*


These next 2 programs have already been designed and Jess and I believe that these will be up there with the very best that both the haulers, and hitters have to offer, Get Excited!!




  • Morning programs - $480.00 - Includes 28th August and 2nd October 4 week programs – please note there is 1 week break (W/C 25th Sept) between these 2 programs 
  • Evening programs - $360.00  - Includes August and 2nd October 4 week programs – please note there is NO break between these 2 programs and sessions will be running W/C 25th sept and form part of the offer 
  • If you would like to do a combo of mornings and nights and / or add casual sessions – LET US KNOW and we will provide a price 




To take advantage of this offer, please read the T&C’s


  • This offer is not available for part program enrolment – sorry
  • *Make-up sessions for missed sessions within each program MUST be done within that specific program to redeem the 100% attendance rewards points, and EXTRA bonus points. As per usual make-up sessions need to be booked in advance of the session as per our missed session and makeup T&C’s
  • FULL payment is required no later than Friday 25th August 2017 
  • If you have reached a rewards milestone and are due to receive a 40% discount on the August 28th program, the value of discount we apply will be based on the usual program price. Based on this, the Morning DOUBLE-UP TO 100 program will be $395.00. The Evening DOUBLE-UP TO 100 program will work out to be $302.50.
  • If you reach a Milestone within one of the 2 programs, you will receive your milestone discount the next full program you do after the DOUBLE-UP concludes on Saturday 28th October
  • Unfortunately there are no refunds or credits for missed sessions or programs available, but if you have to pull out, you are welcome to transfer your programs to a family member or friend. All we ask that you please inform us well in advance.






  • To book, simply email DOUBLE-UP FOR ME to along with the venue and timeslot and we will enrol you for the August 28th program and put the total Double-Up amount on that invoice
  • Alternatively, if you would like to do a combination of morning and evening and casual programs, please email DOUBLE-UP CUSTOM FOR ME to and what you’d like to do, or you can call me on 0408 148 782 if easier!
  • We would LOVE for you to join us in the NEXT 2 PROGRAMS to help us countdown to this great milestone, and to help you get lean, fit and motivated to see in this great milestone.