four week program


Morning programs consist of 3 sessions per week for 3 weeks (9 sessions in total)

Evening programs consist of 2 sessions per week for 3 weeks (6 sessions in total)

Each new program comes with new and different exercises

We run 3 X 3 week programs back to back then have 1 week break. We repeat this cycle throughout the year

The 3-10-12 FAT LOSS Challenge last for 3 weeks and consist of 4 sessions per week for 3 weeks (12 sessions in total)

All programs days and times that are timetabled for each venue can be found in the timetables page at . Please surf your way in the timetables section to find a program that suits you
Heavy Haulers represents tremendous value for money and is far more cost effective than hiring a Personal Trainer, and arguably much more potent and effective in delivering results, and fast!

A Full program includes:

- All the sessions (9 sessions for morning programs, or 6 for evening programs)
- Pre & Post Body Fat and Girth measurements
- Your very own private MEMBERS AREA on our website, which contains;
- A full graphical display your results, and all your measurement history
- Your cumulative workload totals of each of your session
- Articles and newsletters
- You will also start racking up points towards the REWARDS system which offers huge discounts once certain milestones have been reached
- Web link to our fully comprehensive "Haulers" nutritional manual
We do accommodate shift workers, and provided you know your schedule one month in advance, we can pre-book your session dates in and invoice you accordingly.
YES! :) We run on all public holidays.
The answer is NO! This program has been designed to be progressive, body friendly and self paced, so irrespective of what level of fitness or mobility you are at, you can do it at your own pace and rest as much as you need to without affecting anyone else's!
Heavy Haulers Australia provides a potent energy burning program, which promotes FAT loss. Weight loss is an outcome most people desire and is most peoples measure of success from an exercise program, but the truth is, it is FAT loss that contributes to a better looking and healthier body.

Ask yourself this question - if you are the same weight but are carrying 20% less body fat, are 2 clothes sizes smaller and are the healthiest you've been, does weight matter?. The answer is No siree!

Average body fat reductions from each program is anywhere between 10 and 15%. This % result is the difference between pre and post sum of 4 site skin fold assessment which determines how much body fat you carry under your skin...NICE!
All programs in the Heavy Haulers Aust. series have been designed to be body friendly, and also self paced, so you can work within your own limitations and at your own pace, however, should you feel that something isn't feeling right or if you are nervous to commit to an exercise, we have the capacity and are more than happy to modify the exercise so you can train hard and train strong, without risk of injury. GREAT!
There are minimal Squats and Lunges involved in our programs, but when we do use them, they are always performed as part of a larger movement, and are quality, and depth controlled to ensure maximum benefit, and minimal risk of injury

All our exercises are quite unique and involve gross body movements as opposed to isolated or stationary gym based exercises, and we may use these types of more common exercises 1-2 times per year

It is fair to say we have some very cool and innovative exercises that even the most seasoned exercise enthusiast would not have done before. Aww Yeaahh
All programs in the hauler series are body friendly and involve little or no impact of joints, especially those of the hips, knees and ankles so, YES you can train in any of our programs without risk of inflammation in the joints, however if an exercise doesn't feel right then we can always modify it for you or give you an alternative that your body likes..Aww Yeaaah!
Each exercise is self paced where the aim is to beat your previous distance, time or number of repetitions set from your last workout (depending on the program you are doing).

You can run and will want to run, in order to aim to beat your previous effort, but the greatest distance you will run is 20m at a time, and you will generally be dragging something as a form of resistance, which significantly reduces impact on the body and increases the training effect

In short, NO there is no running unless you want it!
We are not a boot camp. You set the pace of each and every round every session. We are there for support, guidance in setting targets to aim for, and we help you through it.

The aim of our trainers is to build you up, not break you down. We don't yell at you, in fact we try and get you motivated so you are empowered to do it yourself!

Tyre's represent resistance, and exercising with resistance helps to enable the body to develop over time. The way we design our programs helps fast track this development so you get results a lot faster and safer than what you may do so using other forms of exercise.

It's not Tyre training that make our programs work, it's the way we use them!
Heavy Hitters involves basic yet effective and different striking movements coupled with essential core and conditioning work.
What makes this program different is the measurability aspect. It is very difficult to know if you are improving or not in a normal boxing style environment as there are too many factors that may affect your performance, with swinging bags and trainers holding pads being two of the greatest factors.

Standardising the time frame, training equipment and each combination means that you can not only try and beat you previous effort, but you have a way of knowing if you are improving.

Progression in training is what develops fitness, and gets you results. All of our programs have this component factored in them, and they are loads of fun
All programs in the range we have to offer provide resistance as this is the key component of any well constructed program that will help get great results FAST!, however, we do have a selection of loads to choose from and generally guys use the heavier loads and females use lighter loads, SO if you are a chick and have a tendency to get muscular quick, and don't want to, then go for the lighter tyres in week 1 and aim for a greater distance instead of greater resistance (that rhymes!)

The Guys will be jealous of you!
Missed Sessions Policy and who can redeem them:

If you miss a session in your designated timeslot, you will have the option to make up the missed sessions during the current program only at any venue and timeslot provided there is space available.

We strongly encourage that you make up your missed sessions, but you must contact head office on (03)9840 0073 or to make sure there is room available in the session you would like to do your make-up session in.

If you do not attend your make-up sessions within the current program, they will not be forwarded as credits for future programs, however;

you are welcome to have a friend or family member do one or all of your missed sessions for you, however we do need to know in advance so we can ensure there is a spot available and also to prepare a card for them, and we also need to know their name and number so we can contact them with relevant session details
Heavy Haulers provides all participants with a quality program using the best equipment and utilising undercover exercise areas for all year round usage. Unfortunately there are large fixed costs associated with providing this premium program and these costs must be paid every session we run. As a result, No refunds are given.

In exceptional circumstances, participants will have the option to make up missed sessions during the current program. Unfortunately these sessions are NOT redeemable in future programs. Catch up classes are also dependent on spaces being available and this must be confirmed with one of the Trainers from your training location well in advance to ensure there is room and you do not miss out!
In the event that you enroll and have to pull out prior to program commencement, provided you give us at least 72 hours notice, we are happy to either refund you the full amount or forward your payment as credit towards another program.